Yardwaste Facility & Drop Off Center

Unique to North Lebanon Township is the yard waste facility started at North Lebanon Township in 2004.  Seeing a need for residents to have a place where they can dispose of brush, grass, and leaves, the Township went to the State Department of Environmental Protection and received approval to operate a yard waste facility.  Using the cliché “we’ve created a monster” would be appropriate at this time.  The yard waste facility has increased in popularity and has required a great deal of time.  We still feel it is a great program and intend to continue this service to our residents!


Grass clippings make up a large percentage of household waste produced each year and often the NLT Yardwaste Facility is overwhelmed with grass clippings.  Residents are encouraged to utilize grasscycling or home composting as as alternative to disposing of grass clipplings.  For more information on these methods, click below for a copy of Pa DEP’s Guide to Home Composting.

Pennsylvania DEP Guide to Home Composting

Yard Waste Facility

The North Lebanon Township Yard Waste Facility is in its 18th season of operation. North Lebanon Township residents may purchase a key card for an annual fee. This fee is per calendar year and the money is used to defer the cost of maintaining the equipment used in the facility.

  Fall/Winter Yard Waste Hours – October ONLY

  • Mon thru Sat    7am-6:30pm  (Oct 1-31)

2023 Yardwaste Permits Available January 3

  • Cost $50

Cards can be RENEWED in person at the Township Office or by completing a Residential Yardwaste form below and submitting the completed application along with $50 payment to the Township via the drop box. 

(New or replacement cards must be issued in person at the Township Office.)

NLT Yardwaste Facility Rules & Regulations

Residential Yardwaste Form

Commercial Yardwaste Form

Recycling Drop-Off

As part of a state recycling grant North Lebanon Township has purchased roll-off containers for both corrugated cardboard and mixed paper (glossy, magazines, office paper, junk mail). These roll-offs are placed south of the yardwaste facililty main gate and can be accessed from either inside or outside the facility.

All packaging materials must be removed from cardboard boxes.  DO NOT place styrofoam, packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, air pillows, or any other packaging materials in the cardboard or mixed paper container!

Please obey the instructional signage when dropping off your recyclables!

Newspaper Drop Off:

North Lebanon Township has a newspaper drop-off available 24/7 in front of the yard waste facility.

  • Clean, dry newsprint ONLY 
  • Loose – NO bundles or bags
  • No glossy print – Remove ALL inserts