North Lebanon Township Department

There are currently five full-time employees working in the North Lebanon Township Highway Department.

They are:

  • Jared Balsbaugh, Public Works Director
  • Kirk Artz, Crew Leader
  • Shawn Neiman
  • Matthew Bachman
  • Wesley Cassel

Three of our Highway Department employees have successfully completed the PaDOT LTAP (Local Technical Assistance Program) Road Scholar program.  This program requires participants to attend ten training workshops over a three-year period and successfully pass a test at the end of each workshop.  Our other two employees in the Highway Department are enrolled in the LTAP Road Scholar program and are currently working their way through the requirements.

Employees are required by law to have at least a class B CDL license and are subjected to random drug and alcohol testing.  They operate trucks, mowers, graders, loaders, backhoes, grinder, wood chipper, chain saws, and welders.  They are “on call” 24/7 and respond to a variety of occurrences.  From the snowstorm to the thunderstorm, the Highway Department is equipped and ready to go.  Trees fall down at all hours and during all types of weather conditions, signs (especially STOP signs) are vandalized or run over and need immediate attention, flooding rains have washed out culvert pipes or immersed roadways, unpredicted snow storms have blanketed the township.  All of these and other emergencies are a part of the Highway Department employee’s portfolio.  Aside from the surprising work that Mother Nature usually provides is the routine maintenance.  Roads are patched, pipes need replaced and berms need mowed and graded.  The rural nature of the township creates a lot of work cutting and maintaining brush and trees.  Visibility and clear zones along the roadways are very important, as well as maintaining over 1700 signs.

The Highway Department also collects and transfers the recyclable material collected at the yard waste facility, including the newspaper drop-off that is now accessible all the time.

During the year you will see us working throughout the township, as we maintain our 61.5 miles of township roads.  We are all trying to do our best to keep the roads and appurtenances in good condition and ask for your patience when travelling through our work zone areas.  Like you, we too want to return home to our family at the end of the day.

Right-of-Way Work in Township

Please be aware that Verizon has been obtaining street cut permits and are installing FIOS cable throughout the Township. This work should only be completed within the Township right-of-way. If you have any questions as to what R-O-W footage is at your property, please call the Township office.