Boards & Minutes

Board of Supervisors

Arden A. Snook
Edward A. Brensinger
Gary R. Heisey

BOS Meeting & Other Info

Municipal Authority

Authority Members
Gary Heisey
Dawn Hawkins
Tod Dissinger
Gary Echard
Rodney Lilley

MA Meeting & Other Info

Park & Recreation

Parks Members
Dwayne Elder
Mark Grumbine
Corey Hetrick
Audrey Blauch
Ryan Schmidt

P&R Meeting & Other Info

Planning Commission

Planning Members
Darlene Martin
Samuel Pennypacker
Kevin George
Scott Artz
David Leid

PC Meeting & Other Info

Zoning Hearing Board

Zoning Members
John Yordy
Lee Spencer
Allen Heagy
Nathan Arnold (alternate)
Edward Swisher (alternate)

ZHB Meeting & Other Info

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NLT Statement of Conduct

Meeting Procedures & Guidelines