PennDot Roadways

The State Department of Transportation, PaDOT, maintains about 20 miles of roads in the township.

PaDOT State roads in North Lebanon Township are:

  • Rte 72
  • Route 422
  • Heilmandale Road
  • Tunnel Hill Road
  • N. 22nd Street
  • Sandhill Road/Grace Avenue
  • N. 7th Street/Rte 343
  • Mt. Zion Road,
  • Weavertown Road (between E. Maple Street and Mt. Zion Road)
  • E. Maple Street
  • N. 15th Avenue (between Rte 422 & Weavertown Road)
  • Prescott Drive

Please contact PaDOT at 717-450-2223 if you have any concerns regarding these specific streets.