Sewer Rate Information

These rates from CoLA will increase effective April 1, 2023, to:

NLTMA Sewer Rate Chart

Water Debt Service Increase Information

The water debt rate for the 2002 water system will be increasing from $55/qtr/EDU to $60/qtr/EDU effective January 2012.

The following are a few of the reasons contributing to the increase:

  • Before construction could begin, delays were experienced due to an active citizens group.
  • As a result of the delays, necessary debt payments needed to make the loan payments were not collected.
  • Legal and construction fees surpassed the customary contingency fees due to customer noncompliance and attempts by the Authority to satisfy customer concerns.
  • Additional sections to the original scope of work were required by the City of Lebanon, which added extra unforeseen costs being incurred.
  • The expectations of future growth were stalled due to the economic situation; and as a result, the customer count and revenues did not increase as rapidly as expected.
  • The rates were to be reviewed on a yearly basis and adjusted accordingly and that review has now been done.
  • Rates will continue to be reviewed and changes will be made to reflect the revenue needs.

Sewer Rate Unification Information

  • On November 12, 2009, the North Lebanon Twp Municipal Authority amended their rate Resolution 06-2009 to consolidate all sewer user rates within North Lebanon Twp.
  • This increase notice, along with the new fee schedule will be posted on the township website,
  • Any additional rate increases or fees that are imposed by either NLTMA or the City of Lebanon Authority will also be added to ALL North Lebanon Twp customers.
  • A reminder that all well customers with no meter will be billed for 15,000 gal/qtr.
  • The unification has been discussed for over 15 years and a variety of circumstances have led to the ultimate consolidation of rates.
  • One critical factor for unification is that now the areas of the system where repair expenditures are sharply increasing are the infrastructure portions where customers had been paying no debt.
  • All customers of NLT have the same service level and will now be paying the same rate to allow us to use a larger pool of income in which to address infrastructure needs, and proper operation and maintenance of the system.